Protein is found throughout your body, providing structure, function, and organisation to all aspects of our makeup. Bipeptides can help when it comes to maintaining protein levels, and therefore the efficiency of your body.

It is a common misconception that protein only helps muscles grow and repair. In the fitness world, protein is used for this specific factor. But, that is just a small portion of the role protein plays in the human body.

Protein is a key fundamental to our health. And, shockingly, nine out of 10 people are deficient in protein. That is a tad concerning considering the systems protein is used for. It is crucial for healthy function in so many aspects.

Where is Protein in the Body and What Does it Do?

It is in our skin (collagen), nails and hair (keratin)

It is in our blood, lymph, and plasma.

Enables our muscles to contract.

Provides integrity to the walls of our intestines.

Fights infection in our body and repairs any tissue damage that occurs.

It is in our bone and brain cells.

Makes the enzymes that digest our food, repair damaged DNA and regulate all chemical reactions in our body.orms lung cells and carries oxygen.

Removes toxins from the liver.

Makes up all neurotransmitters except one.

Maintains a proper pressure differential between the fluid inside and outside of our cells.

Makes 95 percent of all hormones in the body as well as carrying hormones, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals to the cells.

The list goes on and on! The point is, when we talk about protein we are not talking about one part of the system, we are talking about the entire human body as a system itself.

When we assimilate protein into the system daily, we are keeping the entire system intact. Meaning the body can function fully throughout the day.

When we are protein/amino acid deficient, we will begin to miss pieces of our system resulting in systemic malfunction. Meaning we begin to feel tired, get headaches, feel sluggish. And in the long run, nails become brittle, the immune system is weakened and our mental state becomes ‘foggy’.

It would be as if the foundation of your house started to degrade and so the walls cracked. Then the roof tiles started to degrade and so the rain came in and rotted the floor. Then the insulation degraded and the unprotected wiring inside shorted out and set the rest of your unstable, rotting house on fire!

Luckily the materials comprising your house are pretty stable and last for years before degrading. Protein, however, is not stable! The levels of protein can constantly fluctuate if we are not eating right, exercising well and even supplementing properly.

Protein in your body is constantly being used up and exchanged for new protein in a process called “protein turnover”. About one pound or half a kilogram of protein a day is used up in this process, and so it needs to be replenished from the diet on a daily basis. Here are some examples of turnover times for different body proteins:

enzymes: 7–10 min.
insulin: 30 min.
liver protein: 10 days.
muscle protein: 60 days

In 1 year all the protein in our body has turned over. So, you can image the rate that you need to be replacing protein. It’s like putting fuel into your car. You need to top up the tank for your car to run!

And, you need to use good quality fuel for it to run at its full potential. The human body is no different. One of the ways you can ensure you are giving your body good quality fuel is to supplement Recov Bipeptides.

They contain all 22 amino acids. Which are the building blocks of protein. No amino acids, no protein. No protein, unhappy body!


It can be difficult to make sure you are keeping up with the demands of protein turnover just through diet alone. Particularly if you are an athlete, are active in your job, spend a lot of time on the go, already have a weakened immune system or are injured.

Athletes need more protein delivery to their muscles to help with growth, repaid and endurance. Not enough protein can result in premature fatigue during exercise and cause injury

In cases like above, you usually need more protein. Which makes it even harder to keep the turnover smooth and constant.

But, Bipeptides make it a whole lot easier. To find out more click here

So, to conclude, protein plays a much bigger role than most are aware of. And, without protein your body cannot function. Leaving you tired, sick and just not living life to the fullest.

Bipeptides can ensure to stay in optimal health by providing you with a constant and steady supply of protein to maintain levels throughout the turnover process.