Recov Bipeptides are a powerful dietary protein supplement. They provide protein ultra fast to anyone who may need it. From pro athletes to those recovering from injury or illness.

How Do They Work?

They provide a unique combination of all 22 amino acids in a predigested, peptide form.


There are two forms of amino acids. Some that are manufactured by the body and some that we can only get from food. They both play a crucial role in our overall health. It is possible to be low on both types of these amino acids.

Recov Bipeptides are recognised by the stomach and fast-tracked into the bloodstream. This means a quick response and turn around in how you feel. Mentally and physically!

Feel energised, strong, full of life and healthier than ever

Recov Bipeptides is a 100% plasma (serum albumin) product. By nature they only consist of peptides. These are the foundation of protein, and protein is essential for a healthy and happy body.

Absorbance in 15 – 25 minutes is ensured. That is faster than if you were relying only on your diet to get the protein you need to function efficiently.

Not only do bipeptides help with the day to day of life, they also enable athletes to take full advantage of the 2-hour anabolic window after a workout. And, in turn optimise recovery and muscle growth. Say goodbye to post workout muscle soreness. Recov Bipeptides helps with that to!

Why Should I Take Bipeptides?

The way in which Bipeptides work means your body will receive a constant and adequate supply of protein, allowing it to function to its fullest.

How could you turn down a guaranteed, constant, all natural, gluten free, yeast free, soy free and sugar free supply of protein to your body?

No need for protein powders, BCC’s, BCA’s, Amino Acids, Creatine, Glutamine or any of those numerous supplements that break the bank and usually contain unnatural preservatives. Recov Bipeptids has everything you need in one 100% natural form.

And, Recov Bipeptides can be taken for the rest of your life, as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, to assist your diet and make sure your body is getting exactly what it needs in the protein department.

Taking 4-6 tablets a day, at different intervals, depending on your needs will ensure your body is flush with amino acids and you are nutritionally balanced.

Nine out of 10 people have a protein deficiency and do not even know it. This is because the symptoms of lowered protein levels can be unrecognised.

They include tiredness, headaches, aches and pains, weakened immune system and insomnia.

These are all symptoms which people live with every day without even knowing something is wrong. They just plod along feeling tired and sluggish and not knowing they are missing a key component for health, at the most fundamental and cellular level.

But, once you have felt the difference when taking Recov Bipeptides you will wonder how you got by feeling the way you did. You will feel energised, strong, and ready for anything life throws at you. Whether you’re a full time mum trying to lose a little weight and needing more energy or a body builder looking to bulk and cut in a healthier way.

Don’t believe us? Read our testimonials

But, How Do Bipepties Actually Work?

Bipeptides act on a cellular level, and are absorbed into the blood quickly. If your body is experiencing a shortage of Bipeptides you will have a prolonged recovery time from injury, and will be more prone to becoming injured due to weakened and under nourished muscles. Why wait until this point, when you can prevent this from happening now? Prevention rather than treatment, right?

Not only do Bipeptides help muscles, but they help with hair, skin and nails, fertility, immune system, mental health, weight management and so much more.

For information on each individual system Bipeptides help with click here.