We have all heard of Amino Acids and that they are important, but what are they? And, how does that relate to Recov Bipeptides?

Amino Acids are known as the building blocks of the body. They are the most fundamental part of our body, at cellular level. They are used in every cell in the body. They help build the proteins you need to survive. So not only are the the building blocks of the body, they are essentially the building blocks that keep us alive.


Amino acids are a combination of 22 different molecules that are regenerated by the body and are also obtained through your diet. This means there are two types – ones you get from your diet, and the others are made inside your body. You need adequate numbers of both types to be functioning fully.

They provide us with fuel to perform day to day activities, in good health. They assist the body in countless functions that not only improve a sense of well being and health but also optimise:

  • muscle growth
  • energy levels
  • weight management
  • anti-aging
  • immunity & health
  • hair skin & nails
  • mental health mood & concentration
  • fertility & sex
  • insulin levels and more!!


So, it is surprising that more people are not conscious about being sure they have enough amino acids in their body. There are a set of amino acids that are produced in the body. These are called non-essential amino acids.

There are then amino acids that cannot be manufactured by the body and can only be obtained through diet, or supplementation These are called essential amino acids.

Even when eating a healthy balanced diet, there can still be a shortage of amino acids in the blood. This is why it is important to supplement!

6+ Recov Bipeptides tablets a day will keep ample amino acids in the body At all times to ensure full bodily function and efficiency.