What is Recovery BiPeptides? 

Recovery Bipeptides is a powerful dietary protein substitute that provides protein to the body ultra-fast. This usually includes those who have a protein deficiency or problems digesting proteins. 

This supplement provides a unique combination of all 20 plasma amino acids in a pre-digested, peptide form. Recov BiPeptides are unique, as they only use 100% plasma protein (serum albumin). This creates a powerful product that has been around for decades within the medical industry and as a result, BiPeptides have healed, recovered and strengthened patients and pro athletes. 

When orally digested the Peptide is fast-tracked into the bloodstream and therefore, immediate production of systemic protein begins. The Recovery BiPeptides absorbance rate is within 15 – 25 minutes. This enables you to take full advantage of the 2-hour anabolic window after a workout and optimize recovery and muscle growth. 

It’s important to take BiPeptides because, studies have shown that a lowered serum albumin level in the blood, decreases muscle power and muscle mass. By supplementing Recov BiPeptides, you can quickly load up and perform, grow and recover. 

Recovery BiPeptides demonstrating the benefits they have to your health

What is Foam Rolling? 

Foam rolling is a self-manual therapy and form of myofascial release. It is a practice to improve recovery, flexibility and athletic performance through massaging and releasing muscle tightness. 

Due to popularity, foam rolling has now overtaken other self-massage techniques and many athletes and fitness enthusiasts swear by it.

The simple way of understanding the process of foam rolling is; the technique of applying pressure to break down knots that have formed in muscles and tissues. 

Foam rolling is commonly used throughout warms ups and cool downs in preparation for physical exertion in the hopes to weaken the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness and improve recovery. 

Woman rolling her yoga mat preparing for her workout session, along with with help of Recovery BiPeptides

The Benefits of Foam Rolling: 

  • Increases flexibility. Along with stretching, foam rolling can lengthen muscles. 
  • Can increase the range of motion. 
  • By massaging the muscles, it increases oxygen and blood flow to the tissue which reduces muscles soreness and pain.  
  • Improves stress management by helping you sleep better due to tension being reduced. 
  • Prevention of injuries and improvement of performance 
  • Reduce cellulite.  

How Do I Do It? 

Using your body weight, run a foam roller down the muscles that you find are stiff. Roll down the length of the muscle, slow and steady. Don’t forget to take long breaths whilst you use the foam roller to help the flow of oxygen and blood to the muscles. Use as much or as little pressure as you like, it’s all up to you, do what makes you comfortable.  

Man displaying his recovered leg, after taking Recovery BiPeptides

By using a combination of both Foam Rolling and Recov BiPeptides, you will find the recovery process a breeze. Along with the enhanced recovery, BiPeptides also have many more benefits including: 

  • Increased body fat loss 
  • Increased energy level 
  • Enhanced memory 
  • Increased muscle mass 
  • Improved exercise tolerance 
  • Increased immune function 
  • Heightened emotional stability 
  • Increased capacity for healing 
  • Decrease wrinkles 
  • Increase sexual function and potency