BiPeptides have many beneficial aspects to our health, but have you ever heard of real-life results from Recov Bipeptides? Let’s run through what BiPeptides really are, the benefits they have to our health and some amazing testimonials. These testimonials are from some incredible people, whose lives have changed from the supplementation of Recov BiPeptides.

What are Recov Bipeptides?

Recov Bipeptides is a powerful dietary protein substitute that is made to provide protein to the body ultra-fast. This usually includes those who have a protein deficiency or problems digesting proteins.

This supplement provides a unique combination of all 22 plasma amino acids in a pre-digested, peptide form. Recov BiPeptides are unique, as they only use 100% plasma protein (serum albumin). This creates a powerful product that has been used for decades in the medical industry. BiPeptides has been used to heal, recover and strengthen patients and pro athletes.

Bottle and box of 180 bipeptide tablets showing the results from recov bipeptides

How do Recov BiPeptides work?

When orally digested the Peptide is fast-tracked into the bloodstream, where immediate production of systemic protein begins.

The Recov BiPeptides absorbance rate is within 15 – 25 minutes. This enables you to take full advantage of the 2-hour anabolic window after a workout and optimize recovery and muscle growth.

Why is it important to take Recov Bipeptides?

Studies have shown that a lowered serum albumin level in the blood, decreases muscle power and muscle mass. By supplementing Recov BiPeptides, you can quickly load up and perform, grow and recover.

Amino Acids

Humans can only produce 11 of the 20 amino acids, the remaining 9 are from foods eaten. Failure to obtain even 1 of the 11-essential amino acids will result in the degradation of the body’s proteins (muscle). Unlike fat and starch, the human body does not store excess amino acids for later use. Amino acids must be in the food we eat or simply supplemented every day.

The benefits of recov Bipeptides:

  • Increased energy level
  • Increased body fat loss
  • Enhanced memory
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Improved exercise tolerance
  • Increased immune function
  • Heightened emotional stability
  • Increased capacity for healing
  • Decrease wrinkles
  • Increase sexual function and potency

Smiling woman showing how happy she is from the results from recov bipeptides

Let’s hear some real-life results from Recov BiPeptides


“I LOVE RECOV BiPeptides and my only negative is that I didn’t get onto them sooner!!! It’s just under 2 weeks now that I have been taking these magical pills and I already feel such a remarkable change – I am sleeping the best I have in many years, exercising with more energy and thus doing more weight and more reps. I have no anxiety at work and can focus on tasks with more clarity and multitasking is now a non-issue.


“The dosage was always the same, four tablets before training and four
immediately after training. The muscle soreness was almost non-existent which was a huge change from previous years. I personally continue to use Recov for all endurance and running training, as there is no other supplement that does what Recov does. I started using Recov approximately 12 months ago, at first, I used it for gym/weights sessions and felt the benefits being much quicker recovery, more strength, oxygen levels where higher as well. It was easier to lift more, maintain higher rep’s, as well as recover overnight. I was much clearer in my delivery and meetings with customers and feel that my business acumen was also a lot more polished. Cosmetically I can also notice a difference in my skin, after taking Recov my skin feels smooth and supple. Fingernails grow quicker and any cuts, scrapes, and bruises heal within 24-48 hours. It seems to put the body in repair & recovery mode.”


“If you need a boost due to illness or long-term activity trust me this product works!! It has improved my situation greatly.
As a 46-year-old man with Multiple Sclerosis, I have been on the lookout for a clean overall supplement to assist with my condition. Recov Bi-peptides has delivered this with all the amino acids to supplement my diet. It gives me the assurance of added; Leucine to hold my muscle mass, Tyrosine to ward of my chronic fatigue, and most important Threonine to stop unwanted muscle contractions. If you need a boost due to illness or long-term activity trust me this product works!! It has improved my situation greatly.”

Overall Bipeptides is a great supplement to introduce to your lifestyle. After reading on real-life results from Recov BiPeptides, hopefully you can find a way to implement them into your everyday life.

Follow the notes below to get started:


Supplement the first two weeks 3 tablets twice a day (6 tablets per day total). After two weeks take 2 tablets twice a day.


6 – 20 tablets per day. Dividing the product during the day is best. Pre-training and post-training are advantageous.


  • Minimum of 4 tablets an hour before training
  • Minimum of 2 tablets immediately after training
  • When illness/injury occur, up the daily dosage

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