What Is Bulking?

Isolate and concentrate protein are essential for bulking. But what even is bulking? Bulking is eating a calorie surplus diet, along with exercise with the intention of building muscle. To do this you need to eat more calories than you expend in a day. For example, if someone expends 2,000 calories a day and eats 2,500 calories a day they will put on weight. 

Bulking Can Be Done in Two Ways:

Clean Bulking: Clean bulking refers to eating an excess calorie diet, made up of only healthy, nutrient dense foods. The idea is to limit the amount of fat that is associated with eating a high-calorie diet. A clean bulk is the healthier option of the two.

Dirty Bulk: Dirty bulking refers to eating an excess calorie diet, made up of calorie dense foods. Fast foods, chocolate, ice cream, and alcohol are some calorie dense foods that a dirty bulk may consist of. Although this diet is often low in nutrients, it will still lead to an increase in muscle mass. 

1. Food 

When bulking you want to put on muscle. The only way to put on muscle is to have a calorie surplus diet. To have a calorie surplus diet you need to follow one main rule. Eat more food than you burn. Simple, right?


Do not eat everything in sight! When bulking you are bound to put on some fat. The easiest way to put on too much fat is to eat everything and anything you like. 

Do not get overly worried about putting on fat. Some people who are new to bodybuilding eat too little when bulking. This is because they are worried about putting on fat. This causes slow if any muscle gains. 

2. Track Your Progress 

Write down your progress. If you want to ensure you’re putting on as much muscle as you can, write down your weight gain, strength and calories every day. Tracking your daily calories and macronutrients are vital. If you don’t track these, you may find yourself in a plateau.

Remember an increase in strength is an increase of muscle. 

3. Rest and Recovery (R&R)

You don’t grow muscle at the gym, you grow muscle when you’re resting. When training the muscle fibres are broken down. When resting after training the muscle fibres start to rebuild and grow. 

Get adequate sleep every night. Have a minimum of 48 hours between training the same muscle group. Do not over train!

Alarm clock next to bed, demonstrating how Isolate and concentrate protein and rest is needed when bulking

4. Whey Isolate and Concentrate Protein 

Whey isolate and concentrate protein are important for every bodybuilder. Protein is the building block of protein. Without it, you will not see the results you wish for. Substitute into your diet whey isolate and concentrate protein for a cheap and easy souse of complete protein. 

If you struggle to consume enough calories every day. Consider a mass gainer isolate and concentrate protein shake for an easily digestible high-calorie meal. 

5. Pre-Workout Nutrition 

Many gym fanatics know the importance of a good post-workout meal, getting in fast digesting proteins, complex carbohydrates, and some high GI carbs. But did you know that the pre-workout meal is just as important?

The pre-workout meal will ensure you have the energy to train at your highest level. It will allow you to push through those last few reps and up your weights. Good pre-workout nutrition will determine a mediocre bodybuilder to a superior well-defined bodybuilder. There’s no question that a sound pre-workout nutritional regime is critical for maximising muscle gains. For more information on pre-workout nutrition click ‘HERE

Take 2-3 Recov BiPeptides pre workout for additional nutritional benefits.

6. Post Workout Nutrition 

Get in a good source of protein post-exercise to rebuild and repair your muscles. Too little protein will lead to muscle soreness and excessive protein intake can store as fat cells. Getting in protein straight after your workout will help the body heal the micro-tears in the muscles, but eating protein alone isn’t enough.

If you want to ensure you get the most out of the protein you eat/drink you must ensure you have all the amino acids, you require. We find the best way to ensure you have the right balance of amino acids in your body is to take 4 tablets of Recov Bipeptides a day, this unique combination of 20 plasma amino acids are absorbed quicker than any food, roughly 15 to 25 minutes, therefore optimizing your anabolic window.

7. Eat More Often

Spread your calories throughout the day. By having smaller sized meals more often the body can easily digest the foods. You will also find it is easier to eat more food per day.

Containers full of high protein healthy foods, demonstrating that meal prep and Isolate and concentrate protein is needed when bulking

Good luck and have fun with your next bulk.