Ultra Protein Concentrates

With over 32 years of combined experience in the Health & Fitness industry, from training at a high level in Martial Arts, Horse Riding, Pilates and  Sports Therapy , we know that there are thousands of muscle building, fat burning and recovery supplements on the market.

Not only do these seem impossible to navigate through, but hundreds of dollars are usually wasted being pushed into buying multiple products that contain the same ingredients!

Our aim is to provide you with the absolute best in natural and holistic supplements that replace old conventional ones; meaning your body will work more efficiently and you will save money minimising your supplement stack.



Recov Bipeptides is a powerful dietary protein substitute that is made to provide protein ultra-fast to everyone from Grandparents to Pro Athletes. It provides a unique combination of all 22 plasma amino acids in a pre-digested form. When orally digested, absorbance in 15 – 25 minutes is ensured. This enables you take full advantage of the 2-hour anabolic window after workout and optimize recovery and muscle growth.

This makes it a product that has it all:
A better protein profile than Whey, Casein and BCAA’s.
More recovery than Glutamine, plus all day vascularity
100% natural source of energy, unlike Pre-workouts

After a healthier lifestyle, Performance Recovery or Advanced Healing?

Speed Up Your Results With Our Muscle Recovery Supplements

100% Plasma Protein

Amino Acids found in plasma come naturally purified, containing a complete protein profile. This makes them super-efficient upon ingestion, and super-effective once absorbed. Unlike standard whey, which taxes the body of precious energy during digestion, plasma protein does not. Instead it is quickly recognised by the stomach, fast-tracked into the bloodstream and available to the body for use in under 30 minutes.

“This is the best protein supplement I ever tried in my life!”

It is an amazing supplement! My body responded to it like nothing else I have ever taken. This gives a new meaning to supplements for growth and fast recovery. You won’t be disappointed when you take this.

Charles Glass

Mr. World / IFBB PROcharles
Senior Executive Vice President Personal Trainers Association (PROPTA)
PROPTA Master Trainer

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